Disk Read Errors

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    Now, the lens can finally be cleaned. If there are bad scratches on the label side, with missing pieces of label, the disk is probably unrecoverable.

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    Loud clicking can be the result of warped discs in the drive, check to see if your disc is warped if you get loud clicking. Personally I don't suggest fine tuning without a voltage meter. Game stores usually offer this service for cheap.

    Just play around with it a little and you should get it.

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    Hope this info is helpful. Screw the screws back in, making sure the longer screws are going into the correct holes. Final Precautions Now that your done you might want to clean the laser's lens in-case you touched it.

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    You are ready to adjust the voltage for the laser. Congratulations, your PS2 is now cleaned, and working like new, without having to spend a dime!

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    Although, you never want to use too much lube as that causes good fat burner without caffeine of its own. Then, tape the wire back how to lose obese belly fat the lens cover and flip the shell back into place on the PS2. If you want to be fancy, get an assortment of small eyeglass repair screwdrivers, but you probably won't need them.

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    If there are bad scratches on the bottom, you can have the disk resurfaced. The notch on the top of the spring rests between teeth on the white gear that's situated north of the how to lose obese belly fat.

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    If it can't find that data it will move back and ps2 slim upside down until it does. Go around the switch melting the solder on each pad and pressing down on the switch till all 4 are soldered. This is a somewhat hidden feature in the PS2 browser.

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    The older model PS2's have 4 screw covers, while the newer ones have only 2. Then just slide off the old laser off and slide the new one on. The lens cover is located right in the area where the PS2 ejects the tray out, ps2 slim upside down above the tray.

    Then, tape the wire back onto the lens cover and flip the shell back into place on the PS2. If you can't find molytone grease, white lithium grease can be used as a substitute.

    Only adjust the screw for the type of disc you are having problems with. Last Words Don't let Sony take your money when you can do it yourself, they are just making money off your ignorance, the whole repair industry is based on that idea.

    Be careful those screws are really tiny!

    Then, tape the wire back onto the lens cover and flip the shell back into place on the PS2. Don't unplug the middle ribbon cable because there's no need to, you'll end up having to re-align it later so just leave it.

    Just be sure to follow the steps, and read through each step and understand it before going through with it.